Zwitsal Body Lotion 400ml

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Keep baby’s skin soft and supple and help to maintain its natural moisture balance using Zwitsal Body Lotion. This gentle body lotion is absorbed quickly into baby’s skin, is hypoallergenic, pH-skin neutral and has also been dermatologically tested.

Zwitsal body lotion – for mild and gentle skin care

If you want to take care of your little one’s skin in a exceptionally kind and gentle way, then Zwitsal body lotion is an indispensable item in your baby’s daily skin care regimen. Zwitsal body lotion is hypoallergenic, pH neutral and has been both dermatologically and clinically tested, so that you can rest assured you’re taking the finest care of your baby’s skin. Zwitsal body lotion has an extremely soothing effect, thanks partly to the chamomile extract with which it is enriched and it’s absorbed immediately after application, guaranteeing optimum hydration. Zwitsal Body Lotion is suitable for babies and children of all ages and can also be used by adults with sensitive skin or who simply prefer the delicate and familiar fragrance of Zwitsal.

Zwitsal Body Lotion is a moisturising lotion that is most suitable for application directly after your baby’s bath. First dry your little one on their changing table using a soft towel, before applying a small amount of Zwitsal body lotion.

Does your little one have exceptionally dry or even chapped patches of skin? Then try using Zwitsal Rich Baby Oil, which can also be used to give baby a relaxing massage.


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