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Zwitsal Bath Oil

Gently bathe your newborn baby using Zwitsal Bath Oil. This lovely, soap-free, extra mild bath oil contains natural vegetable oils to help moisturise and replenish your baby’s delicate skin. Zwitsal Bath Oil is both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and thus perfect for babies with dry skin.

Zwitsal Bath Oil – Extra mild and gentle

Zwitsal bath oil is extremely mild and gentle and thus particularly suitable for babies with dry skin. Zwitsal Bath Oil is incredibly kind to skin, hypoallergenic, pH skin neutral and has been both clinically and dermatologically tested. Zwitsal bath oil is suitable for babies and children of all ages and is also ideal for adults with sensitive skin.

As Zwitsal Bath Oil is plant-based, it both gently cleanses your baby’s skin and helps to keep its fat content at the correct levels. Zwitsal Bath Oil will leave your baby’s skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth.

To prepare a lovely, soothing and delicately fragranced bath in next to no time, simply add a small amount of Zwitsal Bath Oil into an empty bathtub and fill with warm water. Zwitsal Bath Oil dissolves completely in bath water, so won’t leave an unwelcome oily film on baby’s skin.

If your little one doesn’t have particularly dry skin, yet still prefers the familiar Zwitsal fragrance, then why not try Zwitsal Bubble Bath, an incredibly mild bubble bath that is 100% soap free, hypoallergenic, pH skin neutral and dermatologically tested.


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