Premium Comfort Wearable Hands-free Single electric Breast pump

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USB Charging


Silent Pump

Hands Free


Correct Posture of wearing Pump:

  1. Maintain correct posture and bend over slightly, ensure that the nipple is properly centered in the breast shield and the cup fits tightly to the breast.
  2. After fixing the breast pump in place, keep your body upright and the pump unit is facing upwards. Then start pumping.


Correct Way of Pouring Milk:

  1. When pumping finish, please bend down to take out the breast pump. (Do not take out the breast pump vertically to avoid overflowing breastmilk.)
  2. Hold the breast milk collection bowl horizontally. Lift a small corner of the silicone breast shield.
  3. To pour breastmilk into a storage bottle or storage bag.


Parts of Wearable Breast Pump:

  1. Dust cover
  2. Silicone insert funnel
  3. Silicone breast shield
  4. Duckbill silicone valve
  5. Breastmilk collection bowl
  6. Silicone gas storage
  7. Main pump unit
  8. USD charging cable

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